About Leichhardt Public School

Leichhardt Public School is celebrating its sesquicentenary this year. In the past 150 years the school has experienced significant fluctuations in enrolments and changes in demographic. The 1920’s saw enrolments peak at 2,250 students whilst the school was relatively small for some parts of the 1990s. The community diversified in the second half on the twentieth century and the school now benefits from a rich cultural heritage.

Leichhardt Public School continues to offer high quality educational programs in a safe, caring environment where students are supported to achieve their individual potential while learning to participate as part of a community. Its historic buildings and leafy playground provide an inviting backdrop for the many and varied programs the school offers.

Class 4B, 1927 (Outside Block A)

LPS School Choir, 1913

LPS String Group, 1920

Visit our LPS Sesquicentenary page to find out the latest news and plans for our 'Back to Leichhardt' Spring Fete. LPS Sesquicentenary- Join in the Celebration!

Our School
Children at Leichhardt Public School have access to a broad range of school facilities and special programs

Special Programs include:

Whole School, 2012

School Staff, 2012

School Vision Statement

The shared vision of LPS describes the type of school we strive to be, it reflects our current and past achievements and our aspirations for the future. It underpins the schools programs, our interaction with our community, the ongoing development of our staff and the provision of resources and facilities to support the schools programs.

Our school places a strong emphasis on developing the whole student in academic as well as social, sporting and cultural pursuits. Our school values and nurtures the unique qualities and academic talents of each student. We have high expectations for all students and a commitment to engendering a genuine love of learning


At Leichhardt Public School academic rigour is valued at all stages of learning and the classroom focus is on challenge, engagement and achievement. Our students are encouraged to take increasing responsibility for their own learning and expect learning experiences to be meaningful and challenging. They are measured risk takers who understand that successful learners extend themselves with new challenges and develop thinking skills that can be applied confidently in both academic work and in everyday life. Individual differences are not only recognised but celebrated and students are encouraged to pursue interests and explore different ways of learning with the emphasis always on quality. The learning needs of all students are catered for in a supportive environment. A range of extension activities that include our art, band and string programs, enhances the formal curriculum.


The school has a well-qualified and highly committed staff whose contributions and achievements are recognised and valued. Maintaining high standards of teaching and learning has always been the school's core business and this has been achieved through staff willingly embracing change and improvement. Regular participation in quality professional development and professional dialogue that is supported by sound educational research demonstrates the commitment of staff to improve and further develop their pedagogy.

Staff and Parent Partnerships

Staff and parent partnerships are based on mutual respect, clear lines of communication and a school community commitment to encouraging each student to achieve their full potential in all areas of learning. Parent roles in supporting learning programs are negotiated and clearly defined. Parents, in partnership with the school, enrich student learning through the professional and personal skills they can offer. Formal and informal opportunities for parents and staff to meet throughout the year are made available to ensure parents have relevant, accurate information about students’ progress. Opportunities to meet socially are greatly valued and assist in maintaining the strong sense of unity and mutual support enjoyed at LPS.


The school leadership team develops school targets and goals, in consultation with staff , the community and students. Leaders are responsible for empowering and supporting all members of the school community to achieve goals and targets and to fulfil the school’s vision. The school leaders ensure the school community’s values and aspirations are reflected in all the school’s policies and programs.
A strong leadership team coordinates clearly defined and well documented systems and structures which facilitate a shared understanding of policies, procedures and routines for all staff, students and parents.
Our Student Representative Council provides meaningful leadership opportunities for students and a voice for students in school decision making.

Student Welfare

Staff and students work in an environment that is welcoming, friendly and supportive. Our school promotes values such as tolerance, self-respect, citizenship, pride, endeavour, courtesy, social justice and responsibility. Our policies and programs foster a school environment that is safe, secure and inclusive, values diversity and respects individual differences. Through the school’s strong home and school partnerships students are encouraged to respect and care for the environment and live a healthy and well balanced lifestyle.


School resources and structures ensure optimum access to computer technology at all times. Our school’s computer technology program provides enormous opportunities for students and teachers to access, manipulate and present information through the use of our two well-established computer laboratories ,interactive whiteboards in all classrooms and a fully networked school site. Computer specialists extend staff and student expertise in computer technology. Our school web site is an evolving link between the school and the greater community and serves to promote the school, celebrate our achievements and share our school’s vision


Our school is well resourced and has a ongoing commitment to developing and improving its physical resources to maintain a clean, comfortable and safe working environment. Teaching resources are the most current and are regularly updated to meet the demands of changes and improvements to curriculum and classroom pedagogy.

We hope that all students will look back with pride on their school days at Leichhardt Public School, in the knowledge that these days were among their happiest and most fulfilling.