Our Staff

The school has a well-qualified and highly committed staff whose contributions and achievements are recognised and valued. Maintaining high standards of teaching and learning has always been the school’s core business and this has been achieved through staff willingly embracing change and improvement. Regular participation in quality professional development and professional dialogue that is supported by sound educational research demonstrates the commitment of staff to improve and further develop their pedagogy.

Staff and parent partnerships are based on mutual respect, clear lines of communication and a school community commitment to encouraging each student to achieve their full potential in all areas of learning. Parent roles in supporting learning programs are negotiated and clearly defined. Parents, in partnership with the school, enrich student learning through the professional and personal skills they can offer.

Formal and informal opportunities for parents and staff to meet throughout the year are made available to ensure parents have relevant, accurate information about students’ progress. Opportunities to meet socially are greatly valued and assist in maintaining the strong sense of unity and mutual support enjoyed at LPS.

Staff Roles in Primary School:  www.schools.nsw.edu.au/gotoschool/a-z/is_ps_staff.php

Staff Roles in High School: www.schools.nsw.edu.au/gotoschool/a-z/hs_staff.php

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