Student Safety

We create and maintain a safe school environment by protecting the wellbeing of our students and promoting positive relationships between students.

Child protection

Strict safety checks are in place to protect students including criminal record checks of all permanent and casual teachers. We teach our students to recognise when they may be unsafe and how to get help.

Internet safety

Web filtering technology prevents students from accessing inappropriate material on the internet and email system. Read the information sheet for parents (PDF 328.KB). For information in community languages, see Internet access Information sheet.


We work hard to prevent bullying in our school and we recognise that the best outcomes are achieved by school communities, parents, students and teachers, working together to help prevent and to respond to bullying.

Our Anti-bullying Plan includes protection, prevention, early intervention and response strategies for student bullying. Any student who experiences bullying and any person who witnesses bullying should report it to a teacher or the school principal.

LPS Anti-Bullying Policy


Anti-racism education is taught in our classrooms and we make every effort to ensure our school is free from discrimination. Our anti-racism contact officer can help any member of the school community who wishes to raise a complaint of racism. Our anti-racism contact officer can help any member of our school community who wishes to raise a complaint of racism. For more information see information in community languages.

Sun safety


  • Our school takes sun safety seriously. Children learn about how to protect themselves from the sun’s damaging UV rays, and our school implements a range of sun protection strategies. Our school expects all students to wear a hat whenever they are outside on the playground or participating in sport or excursions. ‘No Hat’ No Play’ is the LPS rule. Sun sense information in community languages.

Road safety

Road safety education is taught to all students from Kindergarten to Year 10 as part of personal development, health and physical education (PDHPE).

Drug education

Drug education and understanding responsibility and relationships is taught as part of PDHPE from Kindergarten to Year 10.

Approaching Your School

The school has developed a set of guidelines, ‘Approaching Your School – A guide for Parents Seeking Information or Expressing Concerns’ which can be found by clicking this link:- APPROACHING YOUR SCHOOL-1 This document is designed to assist parents who wish to make enquiries or provide feedback to the school.Student Safety

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